Saturday of Souls Before the Feast of Holy Pentecost

Honoring God’s Dedicated Servants: Holy Pascha 2015
April 28, 2015
The Holy Feast of Pentecost: St. John Chrysostom
May 31, 2015



On the Saturday of the 7th Week of Pascha – the day prior to the Holy Feast of Pentecost – the Orthodox Church makes commemoration in praying for all those who have reposed in the Lord in the hope of resurrection and life everlasting.

Excerpt from Matins:

Session Hymn (Plagal of 4th Tone):

“Thou, Who by Thy command, hast created all, O our God, Who art easily reconciled, we pray Thee, grant rest unto all the Christians that died in the faith: our great-grandparents, grandparents, kinsmen and relatives, fathers, forefathers, friends, brethren, paupers and rich alike, yea, and kings and princes, as well as the monastics, where there is the dwelling of all the multitude of the just and the righteous and all Thy saints, O Master Christ, our King and our God, and forgive them all of their iniquities wherein all they, Thine own servants. ever sinned in life, O Lord.”

Ode 6 – Kontakion (Plagal of 4th Tone) & Oikios

“Those that have departed from us and from these fleeting things, do Thou settle in the tabernacles of Thy chosen; and grant them rest with the righteous, O Immortal Savior.  For though as men they have sinned on earth, yet by the mediation of the Theotokos who gave Thee birth, do Thou, since Thou art the Lord Who art free of sin,  forgive them their failings, both voluntary and involuntary, that with one voice we may cry out for them:  Alleluia!

Thou alone art immortal, Who hast created and fashioned man.  For from the earth were we mortals fashioned and unto the same earth shall we go again, as Thou, Who didst fashion me, didst comman and say unto me:  For earth thou art, and unto earth shalt thou return; whither all we mortals shall wend our way, as we make of our funeral lament the song:  Alleluia!”