Blessing of new Bishop’s Vestments & Mitre (Feast of All Saints at Cathedral Parish in Edmonton, June 2015)

Feast of All Saints 2015 – Cathedral Parish: Edmonton, Canada
June 8, 2015
Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos: Sermon by St. John Kronstadt
August 28, 2015


On the Patronal Feast of All Saints (25 May / 07 June – 2015) our Cathedral Parish in Edmonton, Canada was blessed with the donation of a new set of Episcopal (Bishop’s) Vestments & Mitre offered by generous benefactors and devout faithful of our Cathedral Parish, Mrs. Helen Beniuk and her 2 daughters, Shirley (Beniuk) & Linda (Puckrin). Mrs. Helen Beniuk incidentally celebrated her 95th Birthday on our Feast Day and her gratitude to God for a long and healthy life was acknowledged with the offering of the new Bishop’s Vestments and Mitre.

His Eminence, Archbishop +Joseph took the opportunity to educate the faithful of our Cathedral by providing educational materials to the those in attendance but especially by Blessing the Vestments & Mitre before the commencement of Divine Liturgy, praying the vesting prayers and being vested in the midst of the faithful. (Due to the fact that Vladyka +Joseph serves at the Cathedral Parish every week, a formal rite of vesting does not usually take place every Sunday so this was an opportunity for all in attendance to witness this prayerful, richly symbolic and beautiful rite of our Holy Orthodox Church).

On behalf of all the devout faithful of our Cathedral Parish and with profound gratitude in our hearts, we beseech God to continue to richly and abundantly Bless his devout and faithful servants Helen, Shirley and Linda with a measure of good health, joy and prosperity unto their salvation and life everlasting…“GOD GRANT THEM MANY YEARS!”

“Through the prayers of All the Saints, save us, O Savior!”

His unworthy servant & steward,
Archbishop +Joseph

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