Feast of All Saints 2015 – Cathedral Parish: Edmonton, Canada

The Holy Feast of Pentecost: St. John Chrysostom
May 31, 2015
Blessing of new Bishop’s Vestments & Mitre (Feast of All Saints at Cathedral Parish in Edmonton, June 2015)
June 8, 2015


Excerpt From Matins (Sunday of All Saints) Ode 5

“Like the divine Prophets, ye were deemed worthy to behold the things to come which ye longed for.  In nobility of soul ye purified yourselves by an august manner of life, O God-bearers, being enlightened by the might of the Spirit.  

The choir of the Saints is now adorned with divine gifts, even they that were before the Law, as well as the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, the assemblies of the martyrs, ascetics, teachers, and the righteous together with the hieromartyrs.

Beholding the company of Thy Saints shining today with Thy radiance and with unquenchable lamps of grace, O Savior, we unceasingly praise Thy divine wealth and bounty of good things, O Lover of mankind.”

The Orthodox Cathedral Parish of All Saints in Edmonton (AB, Canada) celebrated its patronal Feast Day on May 25 /June 7 (2015) highlighting our 52nd anniversary year of being established as a Parish and being a true Orthodox witness and presence – in the name of Jesus Christ – in the northeast area of the capital city of our province.  In addition to the various Services, Divine Liturgy and special time of fellowship celebrated by the faithful in attendance, His Eminence, Archbishop +Joseph preached a Sermon on Orthodox Sainthood and the lives of “saintly-ness” we are all called to in and through our precious faith.  Vladyka +Joseph cited examples of those who are counted among the Saints in more recent times including: St. John Maximovitch, St. Seraphim Rose, St Philaret and St. Justin Popovich. During his sermon he challenged the devout faithful in attendance by posing a question for all to ponder:  “For what reason(s) does our nation of Canada not have an Orthodox Saint or Saints as do so many other nations?”

The Festal Day of celebrations was also highlighted with the blessing of a new set of Episcopal vestments and mitre, offered by faithful members and benefactors of our Cathedral Parish:  Mrs. Helen Beniuk and her daughters Shirley (Beniuk) and Linda (Puckrin). With profound gratitude for their generosity – unto the glory of God –  we pray that God will continue to richly Bless each of our donors with a measure of continued good, health, joy and prosperity unto their salvation and life everlasting.  GOD GRANT THEM MANY YEARS!

His Eminence, Archbishop +Joseph took the opportunity  – with the blessing of the new set of vestments and mitre – to educate the faithful (regarding the history, symbolism and prayers associated with each piece of a Bishop’s vestments worn) by being vested in front of the faithful prior to the commencement of Holy Divine Liturgy.

As our Cathedral Parish in Edmonton upholds the True Orthodox faith in these difficult, challenging and dark times, we fervently beseech God to provided all things needful such that salvation in Jesus Christ through Holy Orthodoxy may continue to be proclaimed with the truths of our faith remaining unadulterated and unchanged, as given to us by our Savior Himself!