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December 5, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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In light of recent mass Islamic terrorist killings including – but not exclusive to – the IS (Islamic “state”/caliphate) slaughter of innocent Russian civilians returning from vacation, the massacre and maiming of ordinary Parisians out for a Friday evening by militant, Islamic terrorists, and the killing and wounding of government workers in San Bernardino, California by two Islamic terrorist jihadists, we present the following information and links for True Orthodox Christian faithful. Although in our politically correct world we hesitate to call the proverbial “spade a spade,” facts speak for themselves. The aforementioned radical, Islamic jihadist terrorist attacks have their orgins and basis in a radical application of Islam, NOT in Christianity or in any other faith or religion. “We are strangling ourselves with our political correctness…Some people view the current situation in the Middle East as a clash of civilizations; I think it is more than that, way more than that. I think it is an outright declaration of war from radical Islam on western culture, on the Judeo-Christian culture and we should know that it’s a declaration of war.” Nonie Darwish (daughter of a radical, Palestinian, Islamic martyr/ “shahid.” )

To those who would call themselves “moderate Muslims,” and who repeatedly claim that Islam is a “religion of peace,” who would distance themselves from such terrorist acts of jihad, we say: purge your own communities of those who practice, preach or teach militant “jihad,” Islamic supremacy, and violent, hate-filled extremism, speak out against those of your own circle who are commiting these horrific acts of terror in the name of “allah.” If you truly DO NOT believe in the moral claim of the reanimation of a geo-political, Muslim “caliphate” and its’ claim upon you as a Muslim, say so publically! If you see a fellow adherent to your beliefs dramatically changing and willfully embracing a jihadist terrorist mind-set…report them to the appropriate authorities! Avoid aligning yourselves and your beliefs with organizations in Canada and throughout the world that – under the guise of being advocacy/lobby groups – are really something contrary to what you believe and are directly or indirectly inciting terrorism and violence! “These bombings are taking place not because someone likes to see bodies and count casualties; it’s part of a campaign, jihad, holy war, to bring down the west; to undermine the very foundations of Christianity and Judaism.” (Khaled Abu Toameh – Muslim and Palestinian Journalist) Nonie Darwish (quoted previously), speaking to the goals of Islamists says, “It is very clear…we have heard it so many times from many Muslim leaders, that they want to Muslim-ize the world.”

DISCLAIMER! All readers of this website should note that in posting links and information from other sources we do not necessarily endorse – either in part or in whole – the expressed content (in words or images). They are the sole responsibility of those specific individuals and/or organizations. It goes without saying – but for the record – we reserve the right to present the opinions and information of others, including experts in Islamism, terrorism and those persons whose lives have been personally and negatively affected by a radical and fundamental application of Islam.

We do not, in any manner, advocate any acts of hatred or violence against those who are Muslim or adhere to Islam, rather we enjoy and exercise the right to freedom of speech and expression, guaranteed in our Canadian Constitution which includes presenting materials, observations, opinions and criticisms that others may not necessarily agree with.


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