Great Fast Video Reflection: Conquering the Passions

Great Fast Video Reflection – Prayer of St Ephrem the Syrian For Those Who Suffer or Are In Anguish
March 19, 2016
Repose of Archbishop Joseph of Edmonton
December 19, 2016



Great & Holy Fast (2016)

A brief video reflection/overview of the passions of the human person as taught by the Holy Fathers of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Greek name for passions, “pathi” (pathology), suggests that a person is brought by them to a state of passivity and slavery. They might be identified in our day as deeply ingrained, obsessive patterns of thought, word and deed that are reinforced by habitual practice.  Orthodoxy teaches us that we must struggle daily to control the passions of our flesh and during Great & Holy Fast we must especially strive to conquer these sins which can – if left to rage within us unchecked – lead to spiritual death! The reflection is produced and read by Ted Nottingham.